The staff of NUDO strongly recommends to navigate fist the section NUDO Lab and only after the NUDO Catalogue.
In the NUDO Lab you can find a truly amazing talent park, made by Italian designers who decided to apply their genius to the world of accessories for digital devices ( tablets, smartphones , PCs and digital music players ).
Italian designer that thanks to NUDO Lab will finally be able to capitalize on their creativity or jump headfirst into a new adventure.
Read their biographies and discover some genius, immerse yourself in a project that brings high the banner of Made in Italy .
Now head back to the Landing page www.nudostyle.com  and click on the section Catalogue.
You will realize the infinite universe of accessories for mobile phones and all digital devices that NUDO is able to offer .
The creation of NUDO brand marks the start of an Italian brand that is not afraid of the challenges of the future, a brand that rediscovers the talent and genius of Italy, determined to bet on good ideas and people that never get tired of believing on the positive side of progress and innovation.